Cincinnati Destination Management and Corporate Event Planning

What We Say On Repeat:


(AKA Our Mission Statement)

Queen City Destination creates unmistakably Cincinnati experiences—no cookie cutter setups, no rinse and repeat events, only tailor-made itineraries for each and every client.
— Each Q.C.D Queen Bee, every morning.
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We eat, sleep, and breathe Cincinnati.

Each Queen City Destination staff member has a stake in the tri-state soil, whether a longtime Cincy native or a “whoa this city is AMAZING” transplant.

Our roots are run deep.

We show off this city like proud parents. We’re all about honoring the history of Cincy while supporting the new—after all, that’s what makes this city the vibrant, growing community that it is.


Can you hear that? It’s the sound of your wallet breathing a sigh of relief.

Our connection to the people and businesses of Cincinnati also saves you some moolah—because we have a vast vendor network in Cincinnati, we know which vendors align with your event’s vibes and values while keeping within your budget.


This means less headaches for you.

When you work with Queen City Destination, you won’t go through the contact chain of sales team to opps team to a dozen planners all trying to coordinate your event.

We’re here for ‘ya!

We’re not about that jump-through-the-hoops life around here. When you work with us, you have one event contact from the first dreamings of your event to day-of execution.

But don’t confuse our small size with small vision.

Whether it’s an intimate dinner for investors, an elaborate convention for employees, or a weekend team visit to town, we believe every event should be at a knock-your-socks-off level. No yawn-fest events around here.


Meet the Mastermind:

(AKA Meet Our Founder)

Meet Abby Gerwe, founder & owner of Queen City Destination and a proud born-and-raised Cincinnati citizen.…

Though Abby grew up in Cincy, she spent several years learning the ropes of event planning in the Nashville tourism market. From her time there, she realized that when guests visit a city, they want to feel like they truly EXPERIENCED it, not just waved at it from the convention center where their conference is taking place.

Cincinnati called her home—a call she couldn’t say no to. With her extensive event experience in tow, she moved back to the Queen City, ready to get to work offering personalized event planning services to Cincy visitors through Queen City Destination.

She knows that a successful event is all about the experience, and she’s ready to plan your best Cincinnati event yet.


REady to start planning your best event yet?