5 Company Event Ideas to Treat Yo’ Staff to the Best of Cincinnati

Treat Yo’ Staff

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Your staff has been working like a boss all summer long, and now it’s time to say thank you. How about treating yo’ staff to a fun company event to really show them how much you appreciate their hard work?

Not only does an exciting event give your employees something to look forward to, but it also enhances company culture and boosts employee morale.

We know, we know. We’re preaching to the choir. You’re a manger who cares deeply for your employees: you already know that a happy employee equals a more productive employee.

But did you know that studies showed that employees prefer workplace wellbeing over material benefits?

There are four steps employers can take to improve workplace wellbeing, including fostering social connections. According to Forbes, “Quality work relationships improve both mental and physical health. They help reduce stress and boost job satisfaction.”

And what better way to foster friendly connections between your employees than a company event? But we don’t mean an “office party” that satisfies itself with a tray of day-old cookies and liters of Sprite set out on the breakroom table—we mean the type of company event that allows your staff to get to know one another while enjoying a fun Cincy-central activity!

Good news: Queen City Destination is here with 5 company event ideas to treat yo’ staff to some of the best of Cincinnati. Whether it’s a BBQ in the parking lot or a local brewery tour, your employees will be talking about this event for the rest of the year!

In Office Events

Bring the fun of Cincinnati straight to the office with these in-office event ideas.

Parking Lot Party

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You don’t have to go far to enjoy some of the best of Cincinnati.

Queen City Destination will bring the city right to you with a parking lot party featuring a local band, mouthwatering BBQ from a Cincy favorite, and games that will create camaraderie between your staff that will carry over into your Monday morning meetings. Your staff will remember this party with fondness every time they pull into the parking lot!

Want more parking lot party ideas? We’ve got you covered with 10 Tips to Elevate Your Parking Lot Party to the Big Leagues.

Trivia Afternoon

No need to hit up the corner pub for this one; we’ll transform your office’s conference room or large meeting space into a trivia showdown for your staff. Spend an afternoon snacking on bar foods and sipping on signature cocktails reminiscent of your favorite Cincinnati pubs, while watching George from Sales use his extensive movie knowledge to bring home a W for his trivia team.


Set your out-of-office email for a day of fun exploring Queen City!

Axe Throwing

“We went axe throwing as a team!” Let this be the answer when new hires ask, “What’s your company culture like?” Take a trip across the river to visit Flying Axes Covington where your staff can test their lumberjack skills.  We stopped by this week and had an absolute blast with the Flying Axes team. Don’t fret about arranging carpool—Queen City Destination will take care of everything, transportation included! 

photos courtesy of Flying Axes Covington

photos courtesy of Flying Axes Covington

Continue with the lumberjack theme by giving your employees flannel shirts with your company logo, serving themed drinks and finger foods, and giving away a trophy that will don their desk for the rest of time to the winner of the axe-throwing event. Think of it like the a lumberjack Dundies, only minus Chili’s and Michael Scott’s extensive monologues.

Candle Making Class

Do you have a small group of crafty employees? Invite your team to channel their inner Bath & Body works with a fun candle-making class. Queen City Destination will take care of everything: finding the perfect Cincinnati event space to foster your staff’s creative “zen”, bringing in the instructor, and providing all the supplies, snacks and beverages. Challenge your employees to come up with a candle name, then offer a gift bag to the fan-favorite!

Craft Brewery & City Tour


Create a buzz in your office in more ways than one with a craft brewery & city tour! Treat yo’ staff to an afternoon of taste-testing all the best that Cincinnati breweries have to offer. Your employees will take a bus tour around town to learn more about the rich history of Queen City while stopping in at the best breweries for a few pints of local brew.


You can continue the fun by gifting everyone with a pint glass sporting your company’s logo—that way, they’ll forever remember that their company treated them to the. coolest. company event.


The best part?

The only finger you’ll have to lift is to press “send” on an inquiry email to Queen City Destination. We’ll handle the rest—from vendors, to food and beverage, to transportation, to garbage collection. Your only responsibility: have just as much fun as your employees are having.

Want more event ideas to treat yo’ staff? We’ve got plenty.

Get in touch and we’ll work to create the best event possible! They deserve it, after all…. and so do you.


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