5 Tips for Planning A Corporate Meeting Attendees Will Actually Enjoy

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Are you in the throes of planning your company’s annual corporate meeting?

Real talk: Your attendees don’t want another run-of-the-mill meeting that they forget about as soon as they return to the office.

And you don’t want that, either.

You want to plan a corporate meeting that connects with your attendees, reignites their passion for your company’s mission, and creates community among co-workers.

So say goodbye to yawn-fest corporate meetings in nondescript and arctic-level-cold conference rooms. We’ve got some tips for taking your corporate meeting to the next level.

Don’t let your meeting’s location run stale.

Whether your corporate event attendees are gathering at the convention center three miles across town or catching flights to a city three hundred miles away, it’s important to highlight the culture of your meeting’s host city (yes, even if that city is the one you live in).

Rule No. 1: Don’t keep your attendees sequestered in the convention center the whole time—your corporate meeting shouldn’t feel like a jail holding cell. (Keep reading for more how-tos on this.)

Rule No. 2: Incorporate city culture into your entire corporate meeting itinerary. Greet attendees with a swag bag of local favorites, caffeinate your audience with a local roast, and cater a lunch that features the city’s best fare.

When you come to Cincinnati for your corporate meeting, you can be sure that Queen City Destination will have your back when it comes to introducing you to the best Cincy has to offer (Cincy chili, anyone?)

Plan programming that engages.

The fast-track to a blank gaze is meeting programming that consists of keynote speakers for 8 hours, 3 days in a row. A PowerPoint and podium simply won’t cut it anymore—your content needs to engage your audience.

Invite audience participation.

Encourage speakers to engage with the audience. Create live polls that attendees can answer via their cell phones, with answers immediately populating on the presentation screen.

Add some fun to the traditional Q&A with a Catchbox—a soft, tossable microphone that will have your people ready to ask their burning questions while also practicing their underhand pitch.

Take a daytime field trip.

See again the point above: don’t keep your attendees sequestered in the meeting room.

Plan experiences that are central to your host city’s culture. This creates space for attendees to become comfortable with their fellow co-workers while also having fun.

  • Is the area known for its stellar wineries? Host your management Q&A panel while attendees sip the best local wines.

  • Have fun with team building—make a field trip to a nearby ropes course.

  • Combine creativity with your breakout sessions by bringing in a local artist to lead attendees in painting or pottery; take creative problem solving to the next level by encouraging discussion with prompting questions while attendees create.

When you bring your corporate meeting to Cincy, Queen City Destination will show you our stomping grounds, like one of our favorites, the Cincinnati Zoo (Fiona the hippo is practically a celebrity).

Keep the excitement going after hours.

Don’t send your attendees off into the labyrinth of a new city on their own. Create after-hours events that are focused on showcasing the best of your host city’s entertainment, like a sports game or a private dinner at a you-can’t-miss-this restaurant.

Partner with a Destination Management Company.

And our final pro-tip that we’ll shout from the rooftops until our voices give out: When planning your corporate meeting for an out-of-town location, partner with a Destination Management Company who can be your loyal guide to all the best your host city has to offer.

A DMC will not only ensure you have the smoothest and most memorable corporate meeting yet, but their connections to your host city will also save you some cash by choosing reputable vendors within your budget. That’s a win for your wallet.

Heading to Cincinnati for your next corporate meeting?

Let Queen City Destination be your meeting guide. We’ll handle it all, from transportation to location to accommodation to dining to A/V needs and everything in between. Wipe the stress sweat of planning off your brow, because your only job will be to have fun.