4 Unique Team Building Activities We're Obsessed With Right Now

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It’s the age-old corporate story that spooks: Your work team feels more like the opposing team. Maybe there’s an undercurrent of subtle competition among co-workers, gossip that would put a middle school gaggle of girls to shame, or even blatant undermining of teammates.

How about we not?

As a manager or leader, it’s in your power to create a team atmosphere that actually reflects real teamwork. One way to do this is by regularly (key word: regularly) setting aside time for fun team building activities for your employees.

Queen City Destination frequently receives requests for team building activities. And it’s no wonder why—team building “builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration,” as this Forbes article notes.

Coming up with fun team building activities is practically our job description, and we think your employees deserve more than just the run-of-the-mill company picnic.

Here are 4 unique team building activities we’re obsessed with right now.

1. Host an improv show.

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When you think of improv, does your mind immediately lead to a flashback of Michael Scott flatlining, “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way. Like an improv conversation. An improversation”? Us too.

But The Office antics aside, hosting a private improv showcase is a lighthearted and funny way to highlight each staff member’s unique personality. And staff that laugh together, stay together. Draw straws to determine who gets to go up on “stage” to encourage participation.

2. Go on a mural hunt.

Cincinnati is listed as one of the most artistic cities in the U.S., and a walk down the street proves this, with colorful murals splashed along the walls of buildings all around the city.

Break your staff into teams and send them on a mural scavenger hunt, because no, you’re never too old for a little bit of scavenger hunt fun. See which team can snap a team pic in front of the most murals in a set amount of time and offer a prize to the winners. You can end the hunt with a stop at a local Cincy brewery.

3. Let loose your creativity.

Encourage employees to awaken their inner Picassos and Cezannes by challenging them to create a mural for the office. But before the image of your employees painting over an entire wall in your rented office space sends your brain into panic mode, read on: you can offer each employee a personal canvas to create on, and then arrange these into one larger composition on the wall.

Pro-tip: A pint of beer or a glass of wine from a local brewery or vineyard will help enliven creativity and add an extra element of fun to this team building activity. You can also bring in an art instructor to provide additional creative prompts.

4. Take a unique city tour.

What’s better than stepping away from the computer screen and heading on an out-of-office field trip to a must-try lunch spot before a tour of your city? For those who call Cincinnati home, our partners, American Legacy, offer some amazing and unique tours of Queen City, like underground city tours.

Ready to plan your best team building activity yet?

Queen City Destination is your fairy godmother of corporate event planning, and yep, that includes an afternoon of team building.

If you’re local to Cincinnati, let’s plan a fun team building activity that your staff will remember as the most fun day at work.

Abby Egbers