4 Ways to Harness the Power of Instagram at Your Next Corporate Event

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If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Likewise, if you host a corporate event but not a single photo of your event ends up on Instagram, did it really happen?

Dramatic maybe, but when it comes to planning your company’s event, you NEED to take Instagram’s marketing power into account.

Consider this: Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users—out of that 1 billion, we’re guessing a fair portion of these users are people who might connect with your company’s products or services.

We’ve got more stats for ya...

80% of Instagram users follow a business account—in fact, 200 million users visit a business account daily.

60% of Instagram users discover new products on Instagram.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a picture on Instagram is worth a thousand media pitches. When your attendees share photos of the event on their personal Instagram accounts, they are putting your event right in front of their followers’ eyes—a.k.a. increased exposure for your company.

So how do you make sure your event attendees are sharing the event love on Instagram?

We have 4 ways to harness the power of Instagram at your next corporate event!

1. Give your event its own hashtag.

You have probably noticed the trend of wedding hashtags, right? These serve a greater purpose than just coming up with a pun using the groom’s last name!

Your corporate event also needs its own event hashtag.

Consider your event hashtag to be a handy dandy photo archive. By encouraging attendees to use a specific event hashtag when sharing their event photos on Instagram, you can easily view all attendees’ event photos that have been shared using that hashtag.

But don’t leave your attendees guessing at your event hashtag... make sure you’re encouraging people to use it!

You can do this several ways:

  • Start sharing the hashtag prior to the event—share behind-the-scenes planning photos, exciting event tidbits, and more on your company’s own Instagram, including (of course) the event hashtag in all event-related posts.

  • Be sure the event hashtag is featured on ALL (and we mean all) event collateral: powerpoints, handouts, giftbags—the whole shebang.

  • If your event is part of a longer convention requiring attendees to travel, encourage them to share images on Instagram of their travels, offering an incentive for the most creative arrival shot using the event hashtag.

  • When guests arrive at their hotel, meeting, or conference, greet them with a gorgeous welcome note and mention the hashtag.

  • Create a welcome mural using the event hashtag.

We could go on for days with ideas like these, ladies and gents!

Which is our segue to...

2. Create a can’t-be-missed Instagram photo wall.

Ever driven by a mural and seen a line of people waiting to take a photo in front of it? People love a good photo opp, and it’s up to you to give the people what they want at your event.

The number 1 way to encourage people to post a photo to Instagram is by creating a bright, fun Instagram photo setup that packs a take-a-picture-in-front-of-me punch.

But we’re not talking a photo backdrop like one of those green screens that automatically inserts a grainy photo of the Empire State Building behind you. We mean a photo backdrop that’s customized to fit your brand and event vibes—free of the green screen.

Some examples of companies and influencers that are nailing the Insta photo opp—


The brand POPSUGAR created a swinging playground display at a recent tradeshow, encouraging attendees to take a photo and share using #popsugarplayground. Who wouldn’t be on board for a swinging photo opp?! 5,778 posts later, we’re gonna say most people were game for this photo opp.


We’re going to let you in on a little secret: Rose Wine Mansion’s Insta account (@rosewinemansion) is one that we legit drool over on a daily basis. I mean, look at those Instagram set-ups—colorful, vibrant, and sassy! This venue was practically MADE for Instagram.


You have to give it to ‘em, the Kardashian clan KNOWS how to work it on the ‘gram! For a party, they created this poppin’ pink Instagram vignette. How fun is that?!

3. Host a giveaway during your event.

Incentivize your attendees’ Insta posts by hosting an event giveaway featuring YES-I-NEED-THIS prizes.

Attendees enter the giveaway by sharing a photo on Instagram using the event hashtag.

Boom. Easy for them, and good Insta exposure for you.

After the event, you can compile your list of entries by searching the event hashtag and drawing a winner from there. Better yet, announce your winner on your company’s Instagram!

4. Add an interactive element to your own company’s Instagram account.

Add an additional interactive element to your event Insta-sharing strategy!

For example, you can use your event attendees’ Instagram photos (by searching your event hashtag, of course) to create a “photo mural” graphic that you share to your company’s own Instagram account as a big thank you to your attendees for supporting the event.

This increases the likelihood that event attendees will interact with your Instagram post, which grants you favor from the Instagram algorithm gods—the more interaction (likes and comments) an Instagram post gets, the more likely that post is to show up in your followers’ timelines.

Get started planning an Insta-worthy event.

If you’re ready to see your next corporate event being shared all over the Insta Interwebs, why not go ahead and give us a call? During your complimentary consultation call, we’ll set the stage for dreaming up all sorts Instagram-worthy ideas for your event!