How to Increase Employee Satisfaction by Incorporating Wellness into Your Next Company Event

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A focus on wellness shouldn’t be just for personal goals scribbled in a notebook on January 1. With research touting that healthy employees make for productive employees, more employers are adopting a company culture that focuses on employee wellness rather than just the bottom line.

As a company leader committed to building a culture focused on more than just dolla, dolla billz, you know that any effective wellness initiative needs to go beyond your office walls; this promise should permeate into your outside events, as well.

This year, partner with Queen City Destination to put that wellness resolution into action by incorporating it into your next company event.

Greet attendees with a wellness-oriented welcome package.

The easiest gift-giving experience of your life: Queen City Destination handles creation, package, and delivery, but you’ll get all the thanks!


Exercise equipment

Give attendees an exercise ball with your company’s logo. Guests can swap out a hardback chair with an exercise ball for conference seating—these promote proper posture, increased ab and back strength, and more! We’ll even blow up exercise balls so your attendees can rock and roll (okay, not roll) through the conference.

Or have your attendees get their blood pumping before and after the conference in a way that reconnects them to their childhood with the gift of a jump rope! Share a hashtag like #JumpingIntoQCDConference2019 to inspire attendees to share photos of how much fun they’re having!

Reusable Water Bottles

Encourage attendees to stay hydrated throughout the day with a reusable water bottle sporting your company’s logo! Offer water stations in your event venue so attendees can refill with fresh, cold water.

Locally Handcrafted Candle

Nothing says stress relief quite like a candle. We’ll even create a signature scent to match your event’s mood! Every time your attendees burn their candle at home, they’ll remember how much they loved attending your conference.

Provide healthy menu options.

A healthy menu is more than just iceberg lettuce topped with a cherry tomato or two.


By focusing on providing delicious, healthy meals to your event attendees, you set conference sessions up for success. Too many carbs and sugars can lead to nap-brain and a lack of focus from your attendees. (Let’s be real, sugar crashes are no joke.)

Avoid this by offering clean menus filled with carbs—the good kind—to keep engagement high from the welcome session to closing remarks. No glazed-over, we-are-so-dadgum-tired looks from conference attendees here!

Donuts just won’t do.

Sure, donuts and croissants are quick options for a grab-and-go breakfast as attendees make their way inside event doors, but do you really ever feel good after snacking on straight sugar? Hardly.

When it comes to fueling your event attendees up for a full-day of speakers and breakout sessions, you need to offer a breakfast that is protein-packed and nutritious. Offer a colorful meal of hot protein dishes and a made-to-order smoothie or juice bar to get your attendees amped for the day.


Or how about the next best thing to breakfast in bed? Treat your employees to a healthy morning delivery! Queen City Destination will bring in pre-portioned, healthy breakfast containers created by a local Cincy chef, hand-delivered to each employees’ hotel room—we’re basically the Santa Claus of breakfast delivery. Make it even sweeter (no added sugar necessary) with a note from your CEO to start your attendees’ day the right way.

Wow and re-energize attendees with lunch.

Why are conference boxed lunches still taking inspiration from your 4th grade lunch box with a sandwich, a bag of potato chips, and maybe a cookie for kicks?

Let’s serve a boxed lunch that will re-energize your attendees and help them avoid the notorious afternoon slump. Consider delicious, high-protein lunch options like grilled chicken salad, lean turkey roll-ups, or some mouthwatering hummus and pita. Complete your boxed lunch offerings with fresh fruits and veggies, pretzels or popcorn and a tasty trail-mix dessert!

Or go big or go home with a holy-cow-is-that-for-us?! farm-to-table buffet lunch. Do it for the ‘gram glory: Are your attendees going to share a photo on social media of a sad ham and cheese sandwich or their meal of fresh wood-grilled chicken or tofu with hand-crafted BBQ sauce? Serve a lunch that will make other companies wish their conferences were as cool as yours!

Pack a punch with this lunch by including a quick talk-back session with the chef—learn about the locally-sourced ingredients and inspirations for the dishes! It’ll be like your attendees are living out their reality cooking show dreams.


Treat your attendees to a delicious dinner.

Treating attendees to a dinner out? Forego the corner Applebee’s and let Queen City Destination treat your staff to local cuisine with healthy options—as proud Cincy citizens, we know all the right places.

Schedule in breaks.

A wellness-oriented conference is more than just healthy menu options—it involves scheduling in breaks for your attendees that allow for mental and social wellness.

Include social & work breaks.

Allocate time for your employees to network with other attendees—it’s easy to zone out when all you’re doing is listening to speakers for hours. Re-engage attendees by allowing time for them to connect with their fellow conference-goers.

Also include breaks in your day for work-related tasks—email checks, calls and the like—so that your attendees don’t return to work on Monday morning completely overwhelmed by two days of unchecked boxes on their to-do list and an inbox piled as deep as a Midwest snowbank in winter.

By scheduling in specific time to take care of work responsibilities, you also reduce attendees’ need to get up early or stay up late to take care of these tasks, which can impede sleep and lead to a groggy and unengaged conference attendee.


Encourage exercise.

Promote an endorphins-boost by encouraging attendees to spend some of their free time at a local fitness studio or by inviting them to join a pre-planned group exercise class! You can provide further incentive by offering a gift card or percentage off for a local wellness center for yoga, a massage, or a morning workout class! Attendees will certainly appreciate a chance to get moving after spending most of the day sitting down.

Use essential oils.

Studies show that smell is the only sense that connects the two brain areas that are strongly tied to emotion and memory: the amygdala and hippocampus. Think about how the smell of pine brings you back to the excitement of Christmas when you were a kid.

Let your attendees remember your conference with fondness by diffusing essential oils during the event. Essential oils are great olfactory options because they are quickly absorbed by the human smell receptor, offering a powerful sensory effect.

Engage all your attendees’ senses by diffusing certain blends during a conference or event to promote a positive attitude and overall productivity. Queen City Destination will do the work for you, choosing blends to match your event’s vibe!

Give back to the host city.

Generosity does just as much for the recipient as the giver—this is science-backed fact. Let your attendees experience the feel-good effects of giving back by offering them the option to give to the local community.

Couple a coffee break with a mission.

A coffee break can support a local cause!

The Point/Arc is a Greater Cincinnati non-profit, providing education services, employment training, job opportunities, and a residential program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, encouraging these individuals to become contributing and inclusive members of their community. Queen City Destination’s owner, Abby Gerwe, is a long-time supporter of The Point/Arc, as her uncle has benefited from the non-profit’s residential program for many years.

Emily PP Iced Coffee (002).jpg

One of the ways The Point/Arc meets its mission is through Point Perk, a full-service coffee shop that provides employment opportunities to community members with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

So at your next Queen City Destination event, treat your attendees to a quick wake-me-up coffee break featuring Point Perk coffee and treats with the option to donate to this worthy cause!


There’s no reason for wellness not to be a priority at your next event, especially when Queen City Destination makes it so easy. Let’s get started planning your best event yet!

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