Why A Destination Management Company is the Best Friend You Didn't Know You Needed



Does anyone know what a Destination Management Company does?

I asked this at a networking event last week and was greeted with the metaphorical chirp of crickets. No one in the crowd raised their hand; silence, only.

In fact, I’ve had that question a lot when I talk to people about Queen City Destination. People understand what corporate event planners and travel agents do, but most are unfamiliar with the role of a Destination Management Company.

FEAR NOT, for I come bearing answers that will have you ready to forward this to Ralph in Sales whose team will be making a trip to Cincinnati next month—or, if anything, you’ll be able to be the lone hand raised in the crowd when someone asks if anyone knows what a Destination Management Company does.


Glad you asked!

A Destination Management Company is a local professional resource for destination event planning—a.k.a. your new best friend when it comes to planning your next out-of-town company function.

Close your eyes and picture next month’s conference in Detroit: You arrive and a smiling face greets you at the airport, excited to welcome you to the city. They escort your team to a bus that takes you to a welcome reception at a gorgeous venue overlooking the city. You spend the afternoon enjoying delicious food, local beers, and entertainment all steeped in the city’s culture. That is what a Destination Management Company does.

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A DMC (not to be confused with Run-D.M.C.) plans and implements your company’s out of town event, taking care of everything from accommodations, transportation, dining, and city-specific activities. The ultimate goal of our DMC is that you and your team will have the time of your life without having to worry at all about coordinating the event or your stay in the city.


A Buzzfeed listicle of the best places to visit in a town can only get you so far. You need a local guide who can offer you the truly best sights and scenes of a city.

Not only that, but a local Destination Management Company can save you some green. We know which vendors will provide the best services within your budget, and when a vendor’s price is just a money-grab for out-of-towners. We know our city and have relationships with the businesses within our city, which means we only bring you the best of our city when it comes to planning your event and visit.

Queen City Destination (hello, that’s us) is  your  go-to Destination Management Company in Cincinnati.

Queen City Destination (hello, that’s us) is your go-to Destination Management Company in Cincinnati.


This city is growing, and we’re determined to be a part of this growth! The New York Times rated Cincinnati as the #8 best place to visit in 2018 (hollaaaa), and Buzzfeed even claimed that we’re “Low-Key America’s Coolest City.” As a proud Cincy citizen, we can first-hand affirm both these titles. We didn’t need Buzzfeed to convince us that Cincinnati is cool; we’ve known that since birth.

Queen City Destination is a boutique, woman-owned Destination Management Company with strong ties to the city. Cincinnati is home, and we’re excited to share our home with visitors passing through. It’s so important to us that you feel we’re here for you and showing you the same hospitality we’d show our cousin visiting from Florida. We don’t mess around when it comes to showing off Queen City, OH!

We provide complete Destination Management services for your company’s visit to Cincinnati, whether it’s for a conference, corporate meeting, or team incentive trip. Our ultimate goal is not only that you will have a memorable stay and stress-free event, but that you will fall in love with the city itself. (And, okay, we wouldn’t say no to a tag in some Instagram pics of how much fun you’re having, too!)

Ready to get started planning your team’s visit to Cincinnati?

Abby Egbers