Cincinnati Destination Management and Corporate Event Planning


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When it comes to planning events for small groups and big businesses alike, I pride myself on being unfailingly reliable. The excitement and challenge of consistently exceeding my clients’ expectations gets me out of bed in the morning

As a veteran Events and Talent Coordinator at the iconic Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, I devoted several years to delivering authentic local experiences to visitors of all kinds. I managed both internal and external events at the incredible venue including prestigious member inductions, intimate dinner parties onstage and massive buyouts of the entire plaza. Whatever the event, my goal was to ensure that every guest who stepped through the doors of the Opry had a fun, meaningful, and unique Opry experience.  I learned the absolute best in hospitality through working closely with and meeting the needs of the artists, performers and executing high-caliber client events.

In my recent role as Event Manager for a national business publication, I worked alongside high-level executives and successfully executed more than 50 events per year, often multiple a day.  We hosted a wide variety of business-oriented events - from informative panel discussions to full-on evenings galas... and I loved every second of it.  

During my time in Nashville, I saw incredible growth and outside interest in the city and watched rent triple and tourism skyrocket.  But I was born and raised in Cincinnati and I can recognize the beginning stages of that process happening right here.  I want to help drive that growth in this place that I care about so deeply.

I’m here because I believe Cincinnati is not only HOME to me but the next big thing and through the specially curated experiences we provide, I think you will, too.

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