Cincinnati Destination Management and Corporate Event Planning


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This place is special.

Cincinnati is a place where you’ll find multiple major league sports stadiums dotting the shore of major waterways and interspersed with some of the country’s most unique breweries, restaurants, zoos, and iconic architecture. Cincinnati is comprised of unique neighborhoods, each with distinct personalities that offer a different local flavor. It’s a little like having a few vacations in one.


Two groups could come to Cincinnati on the same weekend and have entirely different experiences, never crossing paths.

But don’t get me wrong—a lot of big cities have major league sports and great restaurants. Cincinnati is special in part because of the diverse arts community culture that permeates the city.  Cincinnati is investing millions in the very heart of its community to preserve and invest in its culture.

And you don’t have to take it from me—I want you to meet these people who live, work, and love in the heart of Cincinnati, and hear their perspective on what their neighborhood has to offer.

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Here's the big news out of Queen City:

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